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Online Wilderness First Responder Courses

The Survival Med Wilderness First Responder course is excellent if you want to learn wilderness first aid. You’ll learn about a variety of situations that could pose life-threatening emergencies. The course will also teach emergency evacuation planning and procedures.

The online Wilderness First Responder course is divided into two parts: Phase 1 is a comprehensive online curriculum, and Phase 2 consists of practical days on-site. Look for a program endorsed by the American Red Cross and the American College of Emergency Physicians that includes a complete first aid kit and materials for skills assessment. In addition, the course should have a module on herbal medicine, which consists of a small herbal field kit.

An online Wilderness First Responder course can teach you the necessary skills to save a life in the outdoors. These courses are typically eight to nine days long and comprise classroom and online course materials. They are designed for outdoor educators, adventure guides, search and rescue personnel, and others in leadership positions looking for higher emergency medical training.

Adult + Pediatric CPR/AED

The Wilderness First Responder course is a five to seven-day system that covers various topics, including how to recognize heart attack symptoms, administer CPR, and use an AED. The course is designed for individuals who have no medical training and wish to learn how to help others in an emergency. It is also recommended for people who go on outdoor activities where they are more than an hour away from medical care.

The course covers the essentials of first aid for adults and children. It is based on the Boy Scouts of America’s Doctrine Guidelines and will prepare participants for adult and pediatric emergencies. Students should have a high-speed internet connection and a computer with an internet browser to complete the course.


The Anaphylaxis online first responder course is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor educators, and land agency field staff. It covers the causes, symptoms, and treatment of anaphylaxis. It also covers the administration of epinephrine, a lifesaving drug that can be administered in the case of anaphylaxis. In addition, the course includes the Wilderness First Responder certification and the BLS/Healthcare Provider (HCP) level CPR certification.

The Wilderness Medical Society provides the curriculum for the Wilderness First Responder course. The curriculum is comprehensive, up-to-date, and evidence-based. It also covers the Six Wilderness Protocols and medical incident management.


Taking an online wilderness first responder prevention course is a great way to prepare yourself for medical emergencies while in the wilderness. The training course teaches the basics of wilderness medicine and how to manage various medical situations. It includes bleeding control, wound care, splinting, CPR, and proper patient health assessment. You will also learn about common medical problems like shock, dehydration, and infection.

The Wilderness First Responder prevention courses go beyond the basics of first aid and CPR. Instead, the curriculum teaches critical thinking and how to apply that knowledge to unions. In addition, the classes focus on preventing medical emergencies and using the best technology for every situation.


The Survival Med Wilderness First Responder courses are taught in different formats. Generally, they consist of 70 hours of preparation or 80 hours. In addition, they offer certification in CPR at the equivalent level for healthcare providers. The certification process involves a series of tests.

Whether you’re interested in the outdoors or are just looking for a fun weekend away, Wilderness First Responder courses can give you the training you need to stay safe and be prepared for the unexpected. You’ll learn basic wilderness first aid techniques and how to protect yourself and others while dealing with patients in an emergency. You’ll also learn how to build a shelter and handle firearms safely.


If you’re interested in becoming a Wilderness First Responder, you can take The Survival Med online course. The course consists of a hybrid curriculum incorporating online learning and on-site training to prepare you to help people in the wild. The system offers 30 hours of online coursework and 40 hours of hands-on training. The course is accredited by the American Red Cross and Wilderness Medical Associates International and is taught by Beyond Limits Education. SOLO is another program that offers an in-depth curriculum on patient assessment and treatment in the backcountry. These programs offer both online and in-person courses that are available nationwide.

The course covers disaster issues, respiratory conditions, tropical diseases, and advanced techniques. It also re-certifies current SOLO WFRs. The system is a good substitute for a two-day WFA course.