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Regardless of assurances from UFT President Michael Mulgrew that every one the members will get again every greenback owed to them, it now appears that the Metropolis and UFT have labored out an agreement that there can be no retroactive will increase for per session pay for the 2009-14 time period. Why do I consider that is the case? It turns out the brand new per session pay price has elevated by solely 2{e6ccd5ff094149ae764eca79df3ab1ec15dddcc031e7a5bd0118980b09196744}, (instead of the 2.12{e6ccd5ff094149ae764eca79df3ab1ec15dddcc031e7a5bd0118980b09196744} when the 2013-14 retro is included) from $forty one.98 to $42.82 beginning this summer season, that is why. The per session improve of 2{e6ccd5ff094149ae764eca79df3ab1ec15dddcc031e7a5bd0118980b09196744} does not include any retro funds from 2009 to 2014, as promised by Michael Mulgrew. Had these retro funds been included, the brand new per session rate can be a lot increased.

Sadly, the fact is that our members had the opportunity to vote such a contract down …