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Critical thinking profile of physiotherapy students through self-assessment and peer assessment

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This research is an exploratory study with quantitative and qualitative approaches that aims to outline the critical thinking skills of students at the Widya Husada Academy of Physiotherapy in Semarang through self-assessment and peer evaluation.

This means that the research carried out aims to discover students’ critical thinking skills regarding Ennis, that is, give simple explanations, develop basic skills, conclude, give more explanations, and develop tactics and strategies. This research provides a profile of students’ critical thinking skills in problem solving and decision making through self-assessment and peer review. Research with a subject of 90 students.

Data were collected through self-assessment and peer review, which were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The results showed that the average critical thinking ability of the students was still quite adequate, that is, the ability of the students to give simple explanations was good, namely 78% (self-assessment) and 77.5% (peer assessment ); the ability of students to develop basic skills is classified as good, namely 77% (self-assessment) and 74.5% (peer assessment); the student’s ability to complete is classified as good judgment, namely 77% (self-assessment) and 82.5% (peer assessment); the ability of students to provide further explanations is rated as satisfactory, namely 73% (self-assessment) and 73.5% (peer assessment); y Students’ ability to develop tactics and strategies is rated as satisfactory, namely 62% (self-assessment) and 67% (peer assessment).

Thus, it can be concluded that the critical thinking skills of students fall into a sufficient category by self-assessment with a mean of 71% and peer assessment with a mean of 75%. This, of course, is strongly influenced by the learning process, the effectiveness of learning, and the activities of students in exploring critical thinking skills.