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3 reasons critical thinking is important

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Ask questions and complain about everything around you, but stop without finding a solution. Is that what critical thinking means? Asking questions, even holding back the teacher or the person explaining the explanation, is often called critical. Actually, it is not that simple. So what is meant by critical thinking? Have you thought critically? And what are the benefits of critical thinking?


1. You can make the right decisions when you need to

If you can think clearly and rationally about what to believe or what to do, it is a sign that you can think critically. There are many simple things in everyday life that we can take as an example. For example, when a partner of yours passes out while exercising and needs help getting to the hospital. On the other hand, there are tests that you must take in the next lesson. What decision are you going to make? Which of these two things do you think is more important and urgent? What consequences will you have if you don’t take the exam? Can you take that risk if you go to the hospital with your boyfriend? Ultimately, you make the decision yourself. And good decisions are not made without a clear mind.

2. Critical thinking makes you a person of character

Kepo can be a positive when applied to positive things. If you are used to critical thinking, you will be interested in many things, from finding other ways to solve math problems to discovering the relationship between inflation and rising prices of goods each year. Indirectly, you will always absorb the information, even for things that seem trivial. Who knows, this information may be useful in the future. In this way you are more open to the thoughts of others, to different points of view or to different opinions. All of these good things will eventually make you feel more confident.

3. You can look at school and learn from a different perspective

If you consciously train yourself to think critically, your way of thinking will also affect your academic life. School life will never be the same again, much more exciting because there are many things that interest you. You will also be more interested in learning new material, as there are many questions in your head that need to be answered. You will not only remember, you will also be able to analyze, evaluate and use your knowledge creatively. Your academic performance will undoubtedly improve.

So start thinking critically from within, without depending on the teacher or others. Over time, the world of education is constantly changing. If you are diligent in upgrading, you will earn the rewards later. So, have you thought critically?